This lot was purchased as a honeymoon gift for my wife

Pictured to the left is almost 1 acre of land adjoining the Sipi River. Right next to the second falls lies a possibilty that would make history. The picture was snapped from the road below. The flow rate was slow during the time of picture. We have no plans except in our dream. We were to build a house with the veranda jetting over the cliff. Sewer to pump up to fields above. Powered with a stream generator, although they do have electricity in the area would give us the lights and some hot water. The plan was to conceal the house from the road using the exact rocks from the mountain. A flat roof of our 2-3 bedroom house overlooking the mystic plains of Karamojo is something we will have to give up.

When looking out over the plains , one can wonder what planet he is on. And when the sun is setting over the terrain you wonder if your in heaven. You can't tell where the ground meets the sky.

It is completely awesome. The local people are super friendly while eager to help the foreigner. We are so sorry to have to sell this.